About Company

KRM Services Limited is a wholly Ghanaian real estate development company owned by renowned contractor- Kwow Richardson, who has a vast experience in the creative housing and property management services in Ghana. We have cultivated numerous relationships and earned the trust of both individuals and corporate organizations.

KRM Services Limited was founded in 1995 to facilitate then delivery of both affordable, luxury housing for individuals and corporate organizations. With the primary aim of developing housing products focused on high quality at competitive prices for the general public. KRM Services Limited is focused on growing its portfolio, maximizing and increasing the value of its properties and positioning itself as a respected, leading real estate company in Ghana.

As an active member of Ghana Real Estate Developers Association (GREDA), KRM Services Limited is involved in enhancing the enabling environment in the real estate industry and commercial structures in urban and peri-urban Ghana.

KRM Services Limited has gained increased credibility and prestige. With various types of projects at East Airport, East Legon- Adjrirnganor, Nmai-Dzon, Oyibi, Kasoa in our portfolio, we are capable of meeting the expectations in the delivery of top quality housing projects for our highly esteemed clients.

Our houses come in semi-detached, detached, two and three bedroom houses and 2-storey three to four bedroom houses in exotic and well planned communities with up-to-date modern facilities. KRM Services Limited also undertakes construction and civil engineering contracts for both individual and corporate organizations.

With added value, KRM Services Limited procures and sells concrete products such as pavement blocks, culvert, cement, iron rods, etc. KRM Services Limited also deals in specialized building fittings and products. We represent some of the world’s leading international producers of building materials and fittings from across the world.